About Us

Global Peacemakers Fellowship (GPF) is an organization that exists to equip God's people around the world to represent the Kingdom of God in all its majesty and glory by personal and collective obedience to all the commandments of God given through Jesus Christ, the Son of God with faith working through love. Global Peacemakers Fellowship (GPF) is a non-denominational Christian Organization, headquartered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The founder and President is Gadde Peda Rattaiah. The Bible is Global Peacemakers Fellowship's source for ministry principles and guidelines. Global Peacemakers Fellowship's theological conviction is grounded in the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the Savior of the world.

The term 'Fellowship' is used to designate that social relationship existing among peacemakers, the Disciples of Christ who are regenerated members of the family of God and their cooperation in the work of the Kingdom of God.
Fellowship posits as its prerequisite a likeness of nature tat transcends external and temporary differences. True fellowship can exist only among true peacemakers/disciples of Christ. Our definition of peacemaking includes the spiritual impoverishment of all human beings as a central to the restoration of right relationships with God, self, others and creation through Jesus Christ.


Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples to fear and love God to be saved and for the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth. He also commissioned his followers to participate with God in that work - to disciple all nations, teaching them to obey his commandments. Key commandments, He said, are to love God fear God and love our neighbors as ourselves. Clearly, "neighbors" includes both believers and nonbelievers. Our vision is to see local churches fear and love God, obeying Christ's all commandments and fulfilling the Great Commission. Our passion is to see local churches become embassies of the Kingdom of God, advocating for Christ's rule in every area of life and serving others in their communities. The strategy is to equip and assist Christians and the local churches to grow in the wholeness of Christ.


  • 1. To promote peace and all-round development at all the individual, family, local, regional and global levels. The strategy is to facilitate the restoration of relationship between God and people
  • 2. To look after orphans and widows in their distress and help enable people to keep themselves from being polluted by the evil that is in the world. And to carry on, run, establish, maintain all kinds of Charitable Works and activities, Educational Work and activities, Social Work and activities, Women, Children and Youth welfare and development, Thrift programmes, savings programmes and credit Activities
  • 3. To propagate sound Biblical values and knowledge pertaining to all areas of human life, especially Biblical-worldview teachings through literature, electronic, and all other forms of means and media and to produce study material in any form, translate, print, publish, circulate, sell, distribute freely, Publish on www.globalpeacemakers.org and such other websites, and do any or all the above in respect of the material either produced by the TRUST or by others, all in accordance with the laws applicable, and take any other lawful measure, in fulfillment of the said objectives.
  • 4. To make disciples of all the nations of the world for Lord Jesus Christ. The strategy is to hold conferences, seminars, dialogues, debates, training programs, examinations, contests and any such like, any or all of it, in accordance with the laws in force.
  • 5. To establish, Bible-based churches called 'PEACEMAKERS FELLOWSIP' to pray for the local people groups as well as all the nations of the world. And establish Educational-theological institutions for the spreading of knowledge, to set up libraries and resource centers, research and development centers, to strengthen churches through education and training, etc, and to also build a network of existing likeminded individuals, institutions, organizations, churches, etc.